During the event

Promoting safety includes more than just taking action when problems arise – event safety can be promoted in many different ways during the event.

1. General instructions

1. Try to create an open and conversational atmosphere at the event.

      When all participants feel that they are included in the discussion at the event and can report any possible problems, it is easier for the organisers to prevent the problems and take action if any arise.

      2. Keep an eye on anything you are serving.

      Water should be available throughout the event, especially if you serve alcohol at the event. Do not serve more alcohol to people who are already too drunk.

      3. Monitor the condition of the participants and ask them how they are doing if needed.

      If alcohol is served at the event, participants may end up overdoing it.

      4. Take action if any problems arise.

      If the arrangements prove inadequate, the participants’ behaviour is posing a danger or a conversation is at risk of escalating, take action early enough.