Contact information

  • HYY’s specialist in charge of equality as well as members of HYY’s Board provide persons in charge of equality with peer support and advice in tricky situations. HYY’s Equality Plan provides support and instructions on what, specifically, you should achieve with your equality plan.

  • Specialist in equality Tiia Niemi,, 050 543 9608

  • Specialist in organisations Miran Hamidulla,, 050 537 3798

  • Harassment contact persons provice advice and support for people who have encountered harassment, bullying, discrimination or any other kind of unequal treatment. All contacts are completely confidential. If you have no harassment contact persons of your own, you should inform your members about HYY's harassment contact persons. It is also a good idea to always deal with more difficult cases together with them. The contact details and a description of the harassment contact persons' activities are available on HYY's website.

  • To increase cooperation and peer support among persons in charge of equality, HYY’s Community Development Committee organises meetings for them. The Community Development Committee works in close cooperation with HYY’s specialists and members of the Board to make the Student Union a more communal and equal community.

  • There is also a separate Facebook group for people interested in the promotion of equality: HYY Yhdenvertaisuus - Jämställdhet – Equality.

  • Harassment contact persons of the University of Helsinki:

  • FSHS: Mon–Thu 8 am–3 pm, Fri 8 am–2 pm, tel. 046 710 1027 (mental health services in Espoo and Helsinki)

  • Tel. 09 3104 4222

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