Crisis and problem situations

1. Excessive drunkenness

If alcohol is served at your party, you should use your discretion when serving it. Monitor the situation and do not serve more alcohol to people who are too drunk.

If a participant is extremely drunk, follow these steps:

1. If the participant has passed out and cannot be fully woken up, call an ambulance.
2. Offer the person some water and, if possible, take them to a separate room to sober up.
3. If the person recovers and you feel that they can make it home alone, send them home and ensure that they get there.
4. If the person is really drunk, you can try to get one of their friends to take them home or, if possible, take them there yourself. You can always also call the emergency number and ask for further instructions.  
5. If you let the person sleep it off somewhere, make sure that they are lying on their side. If the person can sleep at the venue, check on their condition from time to time.