Instructions for crisis situations

Crises always occur unexpectedly and can be very stressful for both the organisers and the participants. The skilful and efficient actions of the organisers are very beneficial in resolving the situation. Usually, the organisers already have their hands full when a crisis occurs, which means that the situation is never optimal for resolving it. For this reason, it is important to forget all other matters and focus completely on resolving the crisis – people’s safety must always be the number one priority. You must involve as many people in resolving the crisis as the situation demands. First, you should calm the situation. In situations where people’s health is at risk, you should always first ensure the safety of the victims and call the emergency number. Depending on the crisis situation, you should consider suspending the event. If the participants are in danger or do not feel safe in the situation, it is completely justified to suspend the entire event.

HYY’s event safety manual provides instructions on issues such as ensuring event safety and acting in different kinds of crisis situations. The manual is currently only available in Finnish.

In a crisis situation, do not remain alone or leave your friend alone.

If the situation demands it, you can and should call the police or ambulance to any of HYY’s or organisations’ premises.

HYY’s premises and events have zero tolerance for drug use.

In crisis situations, it is important to agree on common ground rules and try to resolve the situation with the relevant parties through cooperation.

Organisers must contact the Student Union and the party that rents out the premises over any incident that occurs. At your own discretion, you can also inform other parties that are relevant to your organisation.

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