HYY’s grants for organisations

5. Furniture grant

HYY awards money to organisations operating under it for their furniture acquisitions. The aim of this grant is to help and encourage organisations to develop the organisational premises in their use and make them cosier. The furniture grant is meant for organisations operating in HYY’s premises.

Funds allocated for the grant amount to around 3,000 euros per year. You can apply for the grant all year round, but the grant is usually divided in such a way that around half of the sum is awarded in the spring and the other half in the autumn. However, each application is processed on its own merits. The specialist in organisations is in charge of awarding the grants.

The grant application must include the following information: the organisation applying for the grant, the target of the grant, the budget and the significance of the target. The signed application must be sent either by mail to the specialist in organisations or as an email attachment to jarjesto@hyy.fi.

Further information about the furniture grant is available on HYY’s website.