HYY’s grants for organisations

4. Project grant

HYY awards project grants to both organisations operating under it and groups of its members. The aim of the project grant is to make it possible for parties organising projects to realise them as bigger, better-quality versions than they could otherwise afford. Project grants are awarded for a specific purpose and will be collected back if the party to which a grant was awarded cannot demonstrate that the funds were used for the project they were awarded for.

How to apply

The opening of the project grant application period is announced in the newsletter for organisations and in other channels for organisational communications.

Project grant applications can be free form, but they must include the following information:

  • Name of the project
  • Organising party (organisation/other)
  • How much is applied
  • Contact details of the person in charge: name, phone number, email
  • Account number of the organising party

The following information on the project itself must also be included:

  • Idea of the project: What are you planning to do in it?
  • Goal: What do you aim to achieve with the project?
  • Reason: Why do you want to realise the project?
  • Time frame: When do you intend to realise the project? Does it last a day / a week / some other duration?
  • Division of responsibility: Who is in charge of each part of the project?
  • Target: Who is the project aimed at?
  • Possible cooperation: Is the project realised in cooperation with another party?

The application must also feature the project’s budget, that is, a description of its income and expenses.

The applications are submitted according to the instructions set in the call for applications. Usually, they are sent either to jarjesto@hyy.fi, by email to the chair of the Financial Committee or as a paper version to the Services Office.

The grants are generally awarded in the spring.

Awarding the grant
The Financial Committee of HYY’s Board decides on awarding the grants. The grants are awarded based on the quality of the proposed projects. When making the decision, the projects are often also considered in terms of how well they promote the Student Union’s values and goals. On some years, the Financial Committee can further decide that a specific theme is favoured when awarding the project grants. If such a decision is made, the possible theme or focus is announced in the call for applications.