HYY’s grants for organisations

3. Organisation paper grant

HYY awards grants for the print magazines of organisations operating under it. The organisation paper grant has been awarded since 2006 in more or less its current form. Originally, the grant was meant for the printing costs of the paper, which is why it was not awarded to online magazines, but today, the grant is awarded to online magazines too. Further information on the grant is available on HYY’s website.

How to apply

You can apply for the organisation paper grant when applying for the operating grant. In practice, it is done on the ‘Papers’ tab in the Tahlo system. The application period for the organisation paper grant is the same as for the operating grant: until the end of February.

Awarding the grant

The size of the organisation paper grant is based on the criteria of the grant. You can read more about the annually decided model for the organisation paper grants on HYY’s website. To receive the grant, we require you to deliver the paper for which the grant is awarded to HYY’s Central Office. This way, we can ensure that the paper is actually published. In addition to this, the paper must include a mention that it has received HYY’s organisation paper grant.

In the case of online publications, a link to the online paper sent to jarjesto@hyy.fi (or otherwise delivered directly to the specialist in organisations) is considered as delivered to the office.