HYY’s grants for organisations

2. Operating grant

HYY allocates grants to the organisations operating under it to enable their operation. The operating grants are awarded to those organisations operating under HYY that fulfil the criteria for awarding the grant. The Financial Committee is in charge of allocating the operating grants. Organisations apply for the grants through the Tahlo system, with the application period taking place in February every year. The exact dates for the application period are announced on the ‘hyy-jarjestot’ email list and on HYY’s website. As a rule of thumb, though, February is the time for applying for an operating grant.

You can read the instructions on using Tahlo in the section ‘Instructions on using Tahlo’.

It is possible to receive an advance payment of the operating grant before the final decision is made. Advance payments are given to organisations that have received a grant in the previous year as well as submitted their action plan and budget for the present year and the annual report of the previous year. The amount of advance payment given to the organisation will be subtracted from the final amount of grant awarded to it by the Board, and the remaining sum will be paid to the organisation once it has delivered all the required attachments to the Student Union.

The decision on allocating the operating grants is made by HYY’s Board and prepared by the Financial Committee. The Financial Committee decides on the principles and criteria for the allocation of operating grants annually.

The Financial Committee’s currently valid decisions concerning the operating grants can be found on HYY’s website.

The following documents are required as attachments to applications for an operating grant:

  • Budget for the present year/period
  • Action plan for the present year/period
  • Income statement from the previous year/period
  • Balance sheet from the previous year/period
  • Signed auditor’s report or performance audit report from the previous year/period
  • Annual report from the previous year/period
  • Activity calendar from the previous year/period

Other attachments may also be added to the application under the section ‘Other attachments’. You could include the organisation’s equality or environmental plan here, for instance. If there are several other attachments, however, they should be uploaded as one PDF file.

At least preliminary versions of all required documents must be submitted by the deadline of the application period for operating grants for the Financial Committee to be able to assess the operations at all. After the deadline, we can no longer promise that there will be time to assess the attachments when scoring the organisation.

In the case of performance audit reports, it may be impossible to provide even a preliminary version. If this is the case, you may add a short explanation on why the performance audit report could not be submitted into the place reserved for the report, such as: ‘the performance audit has not been completed yet, the finalised attachments will be submitted by [date].’

You can supplement the application for an operating grant with the final attachments until the end of September. However, the final sum of the operating grant will not be paid to organisations that have not submitted the final versions of all required documents. In the case of performance audit reports, this refers to the signed version.