Concepts related to equality

1. The Student Union’s role

HYY does not accept any kind of inappropriate treatment, harassment, bullying or discrimination. They have no role in responsible organisational activities.

HYY has a duty to promote the equal treatment of its members and create an atmosphere in which everyone can participate in student life without having to fear inappropriate treatment. HYY helps organisations with the promotion of equality activities, provides organisations with training and helps people involved in organisations in potential problem situations.

During the processing of conflict and harassment cases, it is worth remembering that HYY is not a judge or a public authority. We do not resolve the situation on behalf of anyone – our aim is to support the different parties in the resolution of the situation. This means that the process requires the organisation to be active and the parties to be prepared to participate in the discussions. If the situation requires legal proceedings, HYY will help with taking the matter to the right party.