Internationalisation in organisations

4. More resources

Language boost

Language boost is a project aimed at improving the language skills of international experts. The project also provides support for developing multilingual work communities. Student organisations can also apply the project’s resources to reflect on their multilingual activities. For instance, is it possible to practise speaking Finnish or Swedish in the organisation, and what steps can the organisation take to move towards language-aware culture.

●     Check out the project’s publications.



●     MOT dictionaries (requires you to log in with your University user account)

●     Finnish Government Termbank Valter

Machine translation systems

Machine translation systems help users translate texts quickly but can make occasional mistakes. You should always revise the translated text or only use it in unofficial contexts. Many machine translation systems also store the text they translate, which means that you should not translate confidential texts online.

●     The European Commission’s eTranslation (requires registration)

●     EU machine translation system

●     DeepL Translator

●     Fiskmö project’s translation system (translates between Finnish and Swedish/Norwegian/Danish)

●     MOT Translator (requires you to log in with your University user account)

●     You can translate entire documents in Microsoft Word (instructions)

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki aims to operate trilingually: in Finnish, Swedish and English. The University has a Language Policy, Guidelines for Language Awareness and language recommendations for its administrative bodies for this reason. The Language Policy sets out policies on the University’s language practices, whereas the language recommendations help the University’s administrative bodies operate multilingually, and the Guidelines to support the everyday multilingual encounters, discussions on language issues, and language learning opportunities for both students and staff. Your organisation can use these documents as templates or reference material when reflecting on the multilingualism of your operation.

●     The University of Helsinki’s Language Policy

●     Guidelines for Language Awareness

●     Language recommendations for administrative bodies in Flamma (requires you to log in with your University user account)