Internationalisation in organisations

3. Trilingual glossary

HYY has put together a glossary to support organisations with their multilingual communication. The glossary includes key terms you may need in organisational activities. The glossary works primarily in Finnish (the explanatory comments, for instance, have not been translated into Swedish or English), but it can also be used by others than those who speak Finnish.

The glossary is specifically meant to be an easy-to-use aid to support you. For this reason, we have tried to keep the number of alternative translations for terms as low as possible. The translations we do provide should work in most contexts encountered by organisations. We have also briefly illustrated the use of words that may be open to interpretation with examples and comments – although these explanatory comments are only available in Finnish. However, the translations included in the glossary are often not the only possible way to translate the Finnish terms, and you should not be afraid to use alternatives that have not been included if they seem to fit the context better.

If you want to suggest any additions or have any other comments on the glossary, you can contact HYY’s board or personnel.

You can download the glossary here.