Welcome to HYY’s Guide for Organisations!

Our Guide for Organisations includes information on both operating under HYY and running an association in general. The guide also features advice and tips that provide support to individual officers and help you manage your day-to-day operations. The themes of the guide provide you with basic information on running an organisation, from legal matters to finances and from meeting technique to filling in Tahlo. All themes have been listed in the table of contents below.

The guide is based on the old organisation wiki, and it is maintained by HYY. If you think that a new segment could be added to the guide, encounter a broken link or find outdated information, you can message the specialist in organisations about the matter (at jarjestosihteeri (at) hyy.fi).

HYY’s official communication on organisational matters takes place through the hyy-jarjestot email list and HYY’s website.

Contents of the guide: [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]